Zen Remedy Energy Bites: A Low Calorie Way to Enjoy an Energy Boost

Modern life is tiring, and we've all experienced that post-lunch slump and the feeling of wanting to sleep at our desks. So what can you do to give yourself an energy boost when fatigue hits?

Coffee is a great option in the morning, but most of us can only drink so much coffee before we start to feel jittery. And some people simply don't like the taste or the effects. Exercise is great for an energy hit when you have the time and flexibility to set your own agenda, but it's not always realistic to go for a run or a walk when you need a bit of pep.

It's time to discover Zen Remedy Energy Bites

Why not stock up your desk drawer and bag with Zen Remedy's range of bites? These delicious tasting bites are flavoured with either sweet blood orange or watermelon and lime, and they contain 90mg of caffeine in each portion.

Natural caffeine

Even better, they contain no artificial ingredients because the caffeine comes from natural green tea rather than chemical additives. The amount of caffeine contained in a Zen Remedy Energy Bite is enough to give you a noticeable increase in energy without any of the negative effects that can come from caffeine overload.


These Zen Remedy Energy Bites don't just give you a natural energy hit from beneficial green tea extract. They are also low-calorie. This means that you can enjoy delicious fruity flavours without eating unwanted sugar. Our energy bites are flavoured with a natural sugar alternative, so you can treat yourself to a fresh and fruity-flavoured energy bite at any time of day, without worrying that you are overdoing the calories.

Try one of our pouches when you feel chocolate or carbohydrate cravings and you'll get the energy boost without the sugar. When we are tired our brains often tell us that we need empty calories in the form of sugar and processed carbohydrate, which is why it can be so difficult to avoid the temptation of biscuits, cakes and crisps when we are feeling short of energy. Zen Remedy bites will provide that boost without excess or unwanted calories.


These energy-giving low-calorie bites are also ideal for when you are living life on the go. Pop a pack into your bag or pocket and you'll be set up for the day, without the need to carry around bulky products. Discreet and delicious, these snacks really are the ultimate in convenience, flavour and natural green-tea derived energy for your busy life.

Remember, if you regularly feel tired then you should look at your overall health and wellbeing. Check that you are sleeping well, looking after your health, incorporating practices and routines for rest and relaxation and avoiding stress. Why not add Zen Remedy products into your healthy lifestyle to get the most from your wellbeing and to enjoy a happy, healthy and balanced life with natural supplements? They come without chemicals or other unwanted nasties.