The Role of GABA Supplements in Treating Depression

The awareness around mental health is stronger than ever and many of us are looking for natural and effective ways to support conditions such depression and anxiety - just two mental health conditions that a high percentage of us will experience to some degree in our lives.

The good news is that there are plenty of natural supplements that can help us to remain balanced, happy and calm and to support good mental health without the need for prescription drugs. Often, depression - certainly in mild form - can be avoided or helped with the use of lifestyle measures such as counselling, a regular exercise regime, outdoor time, a healthy diet and the right natural supplements.

The use of natural supplements

One of the most interesting supplements that is being researched for effectiveness is GABA. The good news is that you can easily find a GABA supplement and in different forms depending on your needs. For example, there are GABA tablets, GABA powder blends and even tasty gummies, which have GABA combined with ashwagandha, lemon balm and a delicious fruity blueberry and elderflower flavour for a tasty, health-supporting treat.

Why use a GABA supplement?

Some research suggests that a GABA supplement can be an effective neurotransmitter to support good mental health. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is used to help to:

- Promote a relaxed state
- Develop new neurons in the brain and protect existing neurons from damage
- Reduce the symptoms of a range of conditions including anxiety, depression and sleeplessness

Research also suggests that the supplement may offer a range of other health benefits which go beyond good mental health. For example, early studies suggest that it may help to act as an antioxidant, to protect against inflammation, allergies and cancer. Further protection has been noticed for the kidneys, liver and intestines.

It's in the treatment of depression that researchers are most interested, however, and GABA offers real potential as a treatment as it helps the brain to keep a healthy balance of its neurochemicals. When these chemicals become imbalanced, particularly serotonin, depression can result. GABA can provide a preventative effect and a treatment as an addition to, or even as a replacement for, some pharmaceutical drugs.

Equally, GABA is shown to reduce stress because the acid tends to be lower in the brains of people suffering from this condition. When GABA is added into the diet, it provides a protective effect and a rebalancing outcome.

Of course, if you have depression then it's important to see a medical practitioner for advice, particularly if you are taking medication. But if you are looking to maintain good mental health, energy and wellbeing in a natural way, then a GABA supplement such as a GABA packed fruit gummy, may well be an excellent investment in your health. This supplement is natural, effective and gentle, and when it's found in a fruit gummy then it also tastes delicious and can be enjoyed at any time of day!