The Power of Plant-Based Protein Powder Explained

Plant-based products are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. Zen Remedy plant based protein powder is just one way you can take advantage of the benefits of powerful ingredients such as ashwagandha to help both your body and mind recover from stress and physical exertion.

What is plant based protein powder?

Anyone who is familiar with the fitness and body-building worlds has probably encountered protein powder. It is a form of dietary supplement that is generally combined with liquid to make a smoothie or shake that can be drunk at will. These kinds of supplements are not, however, limited to when you are working out, and can be taken at any time when your body needs a bit of a boost.

As for plant-based, that means there are no animal products involved. It is vegan friendly, although even non-vegans may enjoy its taste and effectiveness. Our powder uses organic pea protein, complete with all the amino acids you need. We use other natural ingredients that are believed to help with anxiety and stress, including the ancient herb ashwagandha.


How does it work?

Protein is the nutrient responsible for building and maintaining muscle. If the muscle is damaged, such as after a particularly strenuous workout, protein helps to repair it. Common dietary sources of protein include meat, eggs, dairy and soy. Taking a protein supplement is a way to either make up for a lack of protein in your regular diet or to increase your protein intake at time when you need a higher amount because your muscles are under particular strain, or you are trying to strengthen them.

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, winter cherry or poison gooseberry, comes from the Withaniasomnifera shrub. It has long been used in traditional medicine as a way to calm the mind and reduce the impact of stress and related fatigue. This means that our plant based protein powder can help your mind recover as well as your body.

Nootropic is the term for any compound that can be used to improve cognitive function. That means that it can improve your brain's performance and your concentration, as well as potentially increasing your energy levels. Again, it means your mind is being strengthened along with your muscles.

Having these powerful ingredients is no good if your body cannot process them properly. That is why a digestive enzyme blend is included to ensure that the nutrients in the powder can be fully absorbed as they pass through your stomach. This maximises the effectiveness of the powder, ensuring your receive both physical and mental benefits.

When you buy your plant based protein powder from Zen Remedy, you can be sure that  you are helping both your mind and body recover from strain. Not only do our powders combine a range of different ingredients, all from plant-based sources, they also taste delicious. Power up your smoothie today and discover your new best friend!