Natural Energy Bites from Zen Remedy-Perfect for Athletes

Most of us are trying hard to live the healthiest possible lifestyle by focusing on great nutrition, healthier choices, exercise and rest. But for athletes, the need to optimise positive lifestyle choices is even more important.

The role of diet in athletics

Nutrition is one of the main cornerstones of focus for athletes, who use the right foods to help support their training and recovery goals. Athletes know that they need to balance protein, fat and carbohydrate and strip out junk foods, alcohol and artificial additives which offer nothing to a hard training athlete. Yes, athletes my may have a cheat meal here or there but for the most part a 90/10 diet (90% clean, 10% fun) will be optimal for energy output and recovery.

Why energy bites are a great choice for athletes?

You can't expect to turn up to every workout feeling 100%. Sometimes, you'll go to the gym feeling tired, lethargic and unmotivated. That’s where energy bites come in.

If you don't fuel yourself properly before exercises or hard workouts, you'll be less energized, weaker and will fatigue faster than normal. That's a fact. Energy bites are designed to help fight this, to help you keep going harder and for longer.

Why choose energy bites?

These little bites are made from natural ingredients and flavours, and they contain energy-boosting caffeine from green tea. These bites taste great and are low in sugar and calories meaning that you can enjoy a sweet snack or treat without compromising your health goals.

Give them a go!

Try them today and pop a bag in your sports bag, office drawer or pocket for a mid-day pick me up! You'll love the flavours, the natural ingredients, the healthy additions and the chance to treat yourself to something that does you good when you need it most.