How to Stay Alert and Energized Without Coffee

When we think about a quick route to energy, coffee is likely to be right up there! It's one of the most popular energy-giving drinks in the world, and that boost is provided by a high degree of caffeine. Whilst most people have little problem in tolerating a cup of high-quality coffee a day, too much caffeine can result in headaches, jitters, an upset stomach and other issues. It can stress our heart and the adrenals and also loses its impact on our system over time as we become used to the effects.

The good news is that there are other ways to enjoy a sense of alertness without resorting to stimulants such as coffee. So whether you're looking to cut down or cut out your hot cup each morning, there are other things you can try to enjoy that wonderful sense of energy, like spending more outdoor time to consuming energy boost gummies. Let's take a closer look:

1. Exercise

Yes, we know exercise is hard in winter! But it's also a quick way to gain energy because it stimulates various pathways in your body, from increasing your blood flow to boosting your energy-giving mitochondria. The energy benefits of exercise are boundless - even if you are tired when you begin. In fact, the endorphin rush when you exercise will usually mean that your feelings of fatigue dissipate after your session.

Don't feel that you need to push a long duration and high-intensity session to see results. Even walking, yoga, dance or gardening make a real difference. Simply get moving and do something that you enjoy.

2. Get outdoors

If you can get outdoors before lunchtime, you will benefit from Vitamin D which is a hormone that the body needs and which is best provided through sensible sun or light exposure. Being outdoors in the morning will also help to reset your circadian rhythm and undo the damage that is caused by late-night scrolling sessions and other sleep disruptors. Better sleep invariably leads to more energy, so get outdoors for a brisk walk to get your heart pumping, or a gentle walk to unwind before bed.

3. Energy boost gummies

Try energy boost gummies for a healthier way to enjoy a boost during your day. These gummies are low calorie and made with natural flavours, with just the right amount of caffeine for a boost, but without the sharp rise that coffee gives you. Energy boost gummies give you a sustained and manageable energy rise along with the benefits of added vitamins, herbs and natural flavours. Even better, you can put these gummies in your pocket, your bag or your drawer at work and enjoy them at any time.

4. Stop eating in the evening

Another great tactic for energy is to stop eating after 7pm. This will give you a better night's sleep, give your digestion a rest and encourage more deep sleep - which equals more daytime energy and alertness, something we all want to experience.