How to Get the Best Out of Energy Chews

Energy chews are a useful way to give yourself a boost when you're tired or stressed. Used properly, they can help you feel stronger, brighter and ready to face any challenge. Whilst they are quite easy to enjoy anytime and anywhere, there are ways you can make sure you are getting the best out of these little bites.

What are energy chews?

An energy chew is a small gummy that contains ingredients like carbohydrates, caffeine and electrolytes, designed to quickly replenish your energy levels if you have had a hard gym workout, or just a long and challenging day. They are small enough to carry around all day, so you can munch at will. If you think they might be what you need to help in your specific situation, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

Keep hydrated

It may be a useful supplement to your regular diet, but an energy chew is not a substitute for all the other nutrients you need. Your body cannot work properly without enough fluids, regardless of caloric intake. Make sure you are also drinking plenty of water, especially while exercising.

Check the ingredients

They all have a similar purpose, but different types of energy chew may have different ingredients of varying effectiveness. This is obviously important if you have allergies or other dietary requirements (such as being vegetarian or vegan), but everyone should know what they are putting in their body and how it's likely to impact them. You may also have ethical concerns, such as natural and organic ingredients.


You are more likely to appreciate your chews and keep eating them if you enjoy the flavour. If you wince every time one goes in your mouth, you are unlikely to try making the best use of them! Many chews will be flavored with fruit, so you can pick the one that most suits your tastebuds.

Eat them regularly

One energy chew may be a start, but it is not going to keep you going all day. These types of chew are small and light enough that you can keep eating them, including before, during and after a workout. You need to make sure you consume enough that they have the full effect (again, do your research to find out just how much of a boost one chew is likely to give you, and when you are likely to need another one).

Keep them close

Being able to eat your chews regularly means you have to have them with you. Zen Remedy’s energy bites are designed to be portable, small in size and with easy to open packets that you can quickly access in the middle of a busy day. Just make sure you have them in your bag or pocket before you start - on hand for whenever you need.

There are many advantages to energy chews when used regularly. Always do your research, follow advice and combine with good hydration to make sure they work properly.