How to Beat the 3pm Slump with An Energy Boost

When it comes to the average day, 3pm is a notoriously difficult time. You have been working for a long time, but you still cannot go home. Lunch seems to have been hours ago, but there are many more hours until dinner. It is the time when you most need a boost, and that is why it is also the best time for an energy bite.

Why 3pm?

You probably have something to eat when you first get up, before going to work or enjoying your early morning gym session. That is very important to start your day. If you are exercising, you will probably snack again afterwards. Then there are mid-morning snacks and lunch at midday. By the time you reach 3pm, any energy from those meals will have long since dissipated and you will need something else. Waiting until dinner after work just means you will be tired, your focus will wander and you will not work as effectively. If you are working traditional 9-5 hours, which makes for a long and challenging day, you need to find new ways to be at your best right until you go home.

Tasty and healthy energy bites

There are lots of ways to boost energy, both in the short term and the long term, but some are healthier than others. If you want the experience to be pleasant without impacting your other dietary requirements, then these type of energy bites may be the best choice. They are low in calories, suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, full of natural and non-GMO ingredients and, most importantly of all, come in delicious fruity flavours such as blood orange and watermelon.

An alternative to coffee

Energy bites often include caffeine prominently in their ingredients list, for example by including green tea. You do not, however, have to wait while you boil the water, make sure you have enough milk or do all those other things that can make preparing a hot, energy boosting drink an irritating, time-consuming process. This makes energy bites far more convenient whilst still being equally effective.

How to enjoy?

A single pack of energy bites is the perfect size for a mid-afternoon snack. You can easily tuck it into a bag or pocket and take it out when the dreaded 3pm slump arrives. You don't even have to leave your desk. Just pop in a gummy, chew whilst you work, then pop in another. You barely have to stop and soon you will be feeling the benefits of that caffeine boost.

All the expert advice will tell you that you need to eat properly if you want to be at your best. When time is limited or your need is urgent, however, then supplements can be the best way to give you an immediate boost without having to worry. Easy, convenient, effective and tasty, these bites are perfectly designed to meet the challenges of modern life.