How Plant Protein Supplements Can Boost Your Brain Health

There are plenty of ways to boost your brain health, especially if you feel you are becoming a little foggy or losing your 'edge'. Starting to forget names or where you put your keys? Finding it harder to be creative or to make decisions? Then it's the perfect point to start investing in the right nutrition and supplements for better brain health.

The nutrition route to better brain health

Most of us know that the right nutrition leads to better physical health, but good food choices also help to boost the brain. The brain uses a huge proportion of our daily calorie intake and it relies heavily on quality fats and protein to operate at its peak capacity.

Simply put, if you eat quality and high-nutrition foods - with the right supplementation, such as an Ashwagandha supplement - then your brain and your body will work as they should, and in synchronicity with each other. When we eat junk food - too much sugar, too many chemicals and artificial additives, too many processed and refined foods - then our system doesn't have the fuel that it needs to really thrive and the micronutrients that it needs to support myriad complex mechanisms.

Protein supplements that boost brain health

It's sometimes hard to get enough protein in our diets, especially if we are vegetarian or vegan. So protein powders and plant protein supplements can be useful to fill the gap that your food may leave behind.


Plant-based diets can also get protein from vegan protein powders, nuts, pulses and legumes, tofu and non-dairy yoghurts. Cereal products are often fortified with protein and vitamins too for added nutrition. Many people assume that you can only get protein from animal sources such as meat, eggs and dairy, but this isn't the case, especially with modern products that are formulated keeping in mind plant-based diets.


How an ashwagandha supplement can be beneficial

An Ashwagandha supplement helps by balancing your hormones and helping your body and brain to operate in the way they are designed to. Often stress makes our minds cloudy and our bodies feel sluggish, but this ancient herb - which has been used for centuries in India - acts as an adaptogen to bring your body back into balance and to encourage it to operate in an optimal way once again.


An Ashwagandha supplement is a good way to take this herb, which has a strong and sometimes offputting flavour in its basic form! With a supplement, you can enjoy all of the brain-boosting benefits of the supplement, and combine it with protein sources to make a really healthy meal.


For example, if you are a fan of protein powders, then why not make a nourishing protein shake with added frozen banana or avocado and add a scoop of our Less Stress powder that includes Ashwagandha at the same time to keep your stress levels low, your brain happy and your entire system working effectively in the way that it should.