How Functional Amino Acids Help Human Growth and Development

Functional amino acids have long been popular in the fitness world for their role in supporting the development of human growth hormones and other vital development factors. These acids can be supplemented with high-quality, advanced formulations which allow the body to obtain its optimum amount of these essential micronutrients.

But before you try a new supplement to aid your health and wellness regimen, let's take a closer look at the vital role of functional amino acids, and consider why you might want to add to your intake with a targeted supplement from a reputable brand such as Zen Remedy.


What are functional amino acids?

They are essentially the building blocks of protein and allow the body to maintain its metabolism in a healthy way. There are essential and non-essential amino acids and some of these can be found in animal proteins, fruit and vegetables. Others can be taken in the form of a supplement.


What are the benefits of these amino acids?

Functional amino acids work to:

- Prevent muscle loss, which naturally occurs as we get older. These amino acids help the body to avoid muscle mass breakdown and to preserve lean mass.

- Better mental energy - particularly when taken as BCAAS. This combination has been shown to lessen mental fatigue during exercise and to promote better brain performance post-exercise.

- Stronger performance whilst training - stimulating post-training muscle recovery and reducing fatigue.

- Possible weight loss, with studies suggesting that BCAAs - a popular supplement, stimulate the body's response to weight loss and also help to reduce muscle soreness after exertion. This is because amino acids in supplement form help to kickstart protein synthesis in the muscles and repair micro-tears faster, speeding up recovery and reducing those all-too-familiar DOMS symptoms.

- Other studies suggest that BCAAs help to stimulate muscle growth, and that supplements built around essential amino acids help to stimulate an even more powerful anabolic response to promote muscle growth.

- Interestingly, these supplements also seem to be a useful aid to certain groups of people such as those living with anorexia and elderly people, as the acids help to increase nutritional uptake.

There are various different types of amino acid supplements available on the market. Some offer single amino acids for targeted supplementation, such as for situations in which a certain deficiency has been identified. Others combine essential and non-essential amino acids into a powerful combined supplement.

Usually, these are taken throughout the day with meals and before and after exercise for maximum effect. It is important to use a trusted supplement from a recognised brand, and one that has followed strict quality control procedures for development and manufacturing. As with all supplements, it can take several months of consistent use before results can be noticed, and it's important to take supplements in the prescribed way each day for maximum effects.

Remember to pair your amino acid supplements with the right training and nutrition programme too for maximum benefits.