5 Myths About Protein Shakes Busted

Protein shakes are still a bit of an unknown for many people looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't help that there have long been myths about protein shakes that have put people off - not to mention a limited range of products designed purely for bulking or for rapid weight loss, depending on your goals and the product in question. But times are changing and so is the world of shakes. Let's take a closer look at modern healthy protein shakes and bust those myths!

1. Healthy protein shakes are always made with dairy

No longer true. Protein shakes were traditionally made with whey protein or casein - both derived from milk - but there are now a wide range of vegetarian and vegan alternatives such as pea protein and hemp protein. These taste great, offer all of the protein benefits, and have other health benefits too such as added vitamins and minerals - whilst being kind to animals.

2. Protein shakes taste bad

Yes, the image of lumpy powder suspended in water is not remotely enticing, but today's healthy protein shakes are also designed to be super-blendable, so you can create a delicious drink in a variety of flavours without any hassle at all.

3. Protein shakes are filled with artificial ingredients

As with all commercial products, some are and many aren't. The trick is to look at the ingredients list to decide whether the product is right for your needs. For example, some protein shakes are high in sugar for bulking and others use low-calorie sweeteners for a meal replacement, or for protein around training. Others will be designed for ketogenic diets and focus on the high fat element whilst some will simply provide a nourishing, rounded meal replacement on the go.

4. Protein shakes are for body builders only

Not true! Today's shakes are for everyone and designed to meet a variety of needs. Use them around training, for fuelling on the go, or to avoid high-calorie snacking when you are hungry and need something to sustain you. They are also great for diets that are restrictive in some way, or for when you need extra vitamins and minerals - such as when you are pregnant or training heavily.

5. Protein drinks are expensive

This is an interesting one, because there are so many products on the market now... but you do get what you pay for and today's formulations are very high quality. When you invest in a good protein drink you get a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients alongside a big serving of protein, and these often act as a meal replacement in themselves. When you look at protein drinks, bars and other protein products as part of your own investment in your health and wellbeing, then you'll find that they can play a vital role regardless of what your goals are - whether you're bulking, cutting, recovering, or simply maximising your nutrition to be the healthiest, best version of you that you can be!