5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake For a Healthy Lifestyle

Increasing your intake of quality protein is one of the easiest ways to improve your health and wellbeing, and it's easy to do by following these simple approaches.

1. Eat protein at every meal

It makes sense to eat protein at each meal so that you can spread your protein intake throughout the day. The right amount of protein is essential to grow and maintain healthy muscle mass. Protein is also satiating, which means that you will find you feel naturally full and satisfied after your meal. This is directly in contrast to carb-heavy meals, which can be eaten way beyond the 'ideal' point!

2. Vary your sources of protein

Protein comes in many forms. You can choose animal protein from meat or fish, vegetarian protein such as tofu or you can buy protein powders, bars and other products. Wondering about the best place to buy protein powders? There are plenty of places that sell a wide range of quality products to suit all needs. Although bars and protein products are processed, they provide a tasty, delicious and nutritious treat. Bear in mind that there will be plenty of occasions where it simply isn't viable to eat an omelette, chicken leg or tin of tuna on the go! A protein snack will make it easy to hit your macros with ease, even when you're commuting or about to go into a work meeting or social occasion.

3. Eat protein shortly after exercise

Your muscles need protein to rebuild and regrow stronger after training, so help them by eating a protein-rich snack or meal shortly after your training session, when your hormones are optimised to maximise protein absorption and usage. Protein powders and bars are a great way to do this and if you discover the best place to buy protein powders for your own needs, you will be able to buy these with ease.

4. Discover protein snacks

Zen Remedy is the best place to buy protein powders. These products are extremely useful for giving a real boost to your smoothie, or adding to yogurt. You could also use our plant-based protein powder for baking. It is also possible to buy protein bars that supplement your diet and provide ready snacks for eating well on the go. Pop protein snacks in your work desk, your gym bag and your car, so that you have healthier alternatives to traditional junk food snacks - and high protein foods that boost your muscles in a way that carb-rich snacks and sugar-laden food will never do.

5. Know the best place to buy protein powders

For many people, a comprehensive online store such as Zen Remedy with a wide range of plant-based protein products is an invaluable resource. Discover low-calorie protein powders, vegan and vegetarian protein powders, keto protein powder, different flavours, formulations as well as our gummies, available in four different flavours to support a healthier lifestyle.

Try these tips and you'll be able to boost your protein intake with ease and feel the benefits of your healthy lifestyle!